Are you a lover of Instagram?

As you may know Instagram is a social media platform which is owned by Facebook!  It’s based on photographs so you can share your life via pictures with friends.  It gives you the opportunity with it being an app to take a picture then to use different filters to transform the picture, more recently they also offer Instagram stories and short videos too.

It’s hugely successful as a picture always speaks a thousand words.  However in business terms are you looking for generating MORE business from Instagram?  We have come up with a few


There is no point being on a social media platform of any type if you don’t connect and speak to people – and if you are then this might be one simple way to boost business.  So some ways which you can interact are:

  • Speak to new followers – Don’t you personally like it when you follow someone and they notice that you have followed them?  Give someone else that warm and fuzzy feeling that they are important to you, your life and most importantly your business!
  • Liking other people’s followers (there is no point liking your own – you should like it because you have put it up for everyone else to see!) But it also gives you the ability to look for new hashtags
  • Commenting and having conversations build up relationships with people


Now by interacting with people you might find you have more people following what you are posting, so you want to be therefore posting regularly remembering that consistency is key on social media and with any marketing to getting more business.

However you don’t ever want to put a post out without asking a question, if you set the example by interacting with them they will want to interact back with you.  You can then respond to all the comments not just with a like or a one word answer but with the aim of building that relationship up


So top tip to generating more business is being VISABLE and use your call to action, don’t be afraid to change it from a blog post to a sign up offer for example!

If you would like more then please check out the SoSocial Club here or feel free to book a call with me here

Do you have any other tips which work well for you?  Because I would love to hear about them and give some or all of these tips a go and let me know how you get on with them because I always love hearing from you!