So running a business isn’t easy and who ever told you that it is lying! We at SoYes also know that its hard and we also know that Social Media is important to any business. Social Media is no longer a nice part to have as part of your marketing mix or a temporary fad however benefits of using Social Media correctly to market your business. There is lots of stats that say the use of Social Media within your marketing material is key and many businesses just like yours want to do their own social media, as it’s a way to connect with your customers, share information about what you are doing, special offers, important information and get it straight to your customers and potential customers as soon as possible. So at SoYes we have developed something really special just for customers like you!


It is the SoSocial Club, this is a members only club for small and medium sized businesses who would like some direction, support and accountability. It costs £12.50 per month to join and in the first month you get an A3 wall planner access to a secret member’s only group for support on Facebook and each month you will receive an action packed email with a printable resource to support you and your businesses Social Media. All the information on the other benefits can be found here and you can also join here.

SoYes looks forward to welcoming you to the Club and if you have any queries or questions if it’s the right thing for you then please drop us an email to