It’s very easy as a small business owner to believe that promoting your business over the social media sites is a free advertising source. But is it?

There are over 1 billion Facebook users and over 14,000 tweets are sent a day.

There are many costs which are associated with social media marketing which are might not easy to see at the start as most of the most common platforms are free to join, add a profile picture then share your views and services. However to increase your reach you might want to think about running campaigns, these can prove quite costly when you are sure what you are doing. As a small business owner time is money, your time could be spent and working in your business. It’s very easy to get distracted on social media looking at pictures of friends and business associates. Are you prompting your business at the right time when your followers and potential customers are on line? What else could you be doing when you are spending time sat at the computer replying to messages? Does your social media suffer when you are busy working in your business?

It’s important to remember as with any marketing activity that it needs to be planned (so we recommend that you have a social media plan which is SMART) and also you then regularly evaluate how effective your time and campaign has been, luckily with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest analytics these are free to use, you can then build on

But to answer the question is social media marketing really free? Well I don’t believe so because as a small business owner time is money and it can take time to see the results from your efforts, and it can be difficult not to get distracted, however to make effective use of your time we here at SoYes recommend that its well planned and targeted at both your current and potential customers along with engaging.