It’s scary but true to think that Christmas is on its way! I know the dreaded C word. But there is no point burying your head in the sand, for many businesses the next three months will be the busiest time of the year.  Then Christmas will be on us personally, getting our houses ready, wrapping presents, children’s Christmas plays, fulfilling orders, confirming bookings for 2015 the list is endless.  There comes a point when you really want to switch off and enjoy the magic which Christmas brings.

Hence the reason why I am now writing this blog in September! Here at SoYes we have developed a very special package to give you as a small business owner a break from your social media while you enjoy creating memories, yet your customers don’t know your away.

All the Social Media accounts which SoYes manage are done proactivity. So there is someone sitting at a computer sending status updates, tweeting and repining etc, this gives our customers the trust and knowledge to know that it’s like they are there sitting in front of the computer.  We also understand the importance of customers knowing what is going on with their accounts, so if you have anything important come through we always notify the account holder straight away, by their preferred contact i.e text message, email.  Our holiday and weekend cover is continue to grow as people see the benefit of having time away from the ping of social media on their phones, computers or tablets and enjoy their free time!

Taking all this into account is the reason why we have decided to offer a deal for Christmas and New Year Holiday Cover.

Taking over accounts on 19th December 2014 at 5pm with cover until 9am on 5th January 2015, this gives you the weekend before Christmas to yourselves while your customers enjoy your products and Christmas Cheer!  The standard price for this two week period will be £25 for each Social Media account (I.e. Facebook, Twitter).

However I am delighted to be able to offer a special early bird price for anyone who signs up and pays before 31st October 2014.  The price will be £20 for one social media account (i.e Facebook, Twitter etc.) and then £15 for each additional account covered.  The prices include a minimum of 8 tweets a day for a twitter account, regular interaction with followers, where a Facebook Account includes a minimum of 4 updates a day and page promotion, and regular interaction with followers, all accounts will be passed back with an activity report.

If you would like to take advantage to this offer or have any queries or questions then please email without delay as places are limited