It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post for everyone, and sometimes I never know what to say. But recently I’ve been away on holiday and laying by the pool has given me time to relax and decide where SoYes is heading. Everyone says the same but it really is true when you are busy working in your businesses you sometimes lose sight of where you are going and don’t have any time to work on your business to help it grow. This is where I was – but no more.

Starting on Monday 15th June over on our Facebook Page you will see we will be posting 100 days of Happiness. This is something which I personally have wanted to do for so long we are talking over years, however I’ve been scared! Is this something which my followers would be interested in? Do they want to know what makes SoYes tick? Would they like an insider view to be able to know why SoYes is the best business to be able to manage their accounts. Anyway I’m going to bite my tongue and get on with it! Over the last few months I’ve watched the amazing Sarah Short who runs The Sales Academy for Girls post a video each day, I’ve had an insight into her business her life and why she is amazing, and basically I’ve decided that if Sarah Short can do it Beckie Thirsk can too!

So make sure you check out the Facebook page and see what is going on and tell us what you think! After all I always tell old, new and potential customers its all about being Social on Social Media!